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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Wow, that was the best Star Wars movie since The Empire Strikes Back.

As Trek it was passable, the first half was quite good, but the second half was fairly boring because the lightweight quality of the plot became all too apparent.

Still the cast was charismatic and it was overall entertaining. A decent reboot that has the potential to be a platform for a real Trek story later on.

Could've been a lot worse but I'm far from convinced that anything truly interesting will come out of the franchise ever again. I'm sure Paramount's happy at the moment though.

Just as a side note - Trek's thing is not social commentary. It's exploration of the human condition. This sometimes takes the form of social commentary, but when you look at episodes like The Enemy Within or The Cage, or the really strong movies like The Wrath of Khan - the stories have no social commentary, but are given depth by psychological themes.
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