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Re: Nimoy, Quinto - Spock Comparison

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Nope they don't loook alike. Slightly similar but you'd think they could find one actor, in this entire world of some-odd billion people, the looks like Spock. But I guess that's asking too much.

It kills me that some think the way these people look should be one of the most important components in choosing an actor for the part...
You know, it usually would both me - but considering an AU from before the movie starts really takes care of it for me. This isn't the TOS universe, or the Mirror one - but it's a universe where there were at least subtle genetic differences in these people who are fundamentally the same as the TOS people.

McCoy has brown eyes, Kirk has blue. Voices are different, movements are probably different - though Nimoy used to keep his mouth open a lot , too. So - I can assume a history that can have differences - and could somehow also have Spock Prime much like ours.

It's called rationalization - but it works great for me. Then I'm intrigued by small and large differences rather than annoyed. I never did buy Robin Curtis as Saavik. What can I say?
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