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Re: ENT Reference in Star Trek XI? - SPOILERS

Captain 59, I think you're right. Okay, so ... was Archer Scotty's instructor? Or did Archer volunteer his dog. And does that mean that the episode Dadelus is more important now b/c Scotty essentially pulls off what Archer's longtime father-figure wanted to do?

ENTERPRISE is probably the only remnant of the original history that can be safely referenced now.
OMG - you're right. That's ironic, huh?! I also think it's safe to say the Cage (Menagerie) happened beforehand. Other than that, all bets are off.

Someone had a quote from Bakula up that indicated Paramount probably wishes it could have Enterprise again for the new excitement about XI. You know, based on the movie and where it took the storyline, I agree.

One comment: Urban was the best McCoy I've ever seen. I think he either embodied or improved on what DeForrest gave us.
Thanks, HR!
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