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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

Week 17: (Ending 05.02.93)
TNG: The Chase (Airdate 04.26.93)
DS9: The Storyteller (Airdate 05.02.93)

In a very special episode of TNG, the crew set out on a mission that will have drastic implication on the very nature of our existence, plus undoubtedly annoy Creationists and Evolutionists equally.

Was this episode really necessary? I mean, sure, it has some nice moments in it, and it does shoot for a postive message regarding unity and somesuch, but I don't think folks were clamoring for a reason why aliens in Trek all look like humans with make-up (hint: it's the same reason aliens in b&w sci-fi movies look like humans). The annoying thing about The Chase is that, even in a fictional universe like Trek, discovering something like that would be profound, yet is treated as a kind of quaint "well, that explains that" sentiment, and promptly dropped even before the credits run. Um, hello, discovering all humanoid aliens are the product of a Master Race is GALACTIC SHATTERING NEWS!!!!!

Meanwhile, while the crew of the Enterprise-D are making one of the biggest discoveries ever -short of finding the God, I guess- O'Brien is having some silly hijinx on Bajor while Sisko is trying to deal with a headstrong young Bajoran leader and who cares about this stuff when it's just been discovered that all humanoid aliens are the product of a Master Race!!!!! Geez, I know DS9's backwoods and all, but surely they would have heard of this GALACTIC SHATTERING NEWS by now. You'd think someone was trying to keep that profound discovery secret or something. Hmm....

Which was the better episode? Well, The Storyteller's cute, but that's about it; it's hardly must-see, with nothing lost if you missed it. Meanwhile, The Chase is intriguing, but pulls such a doozy of an explanation for something that needn't be explained (seriously, we're perfectly fine with humanoid aliens on a TV budget!), and opens such a huge can of worms (which seems to be promptly shut again) that whether it was good or not is irrelevant.

In a nutshell, The Chase does something that The Storyteller does not: it sparks discussion. Success either way.

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