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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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If you haven't seen it. Here is the one spoiler that will make you hate JJ Abrams.

I thought it was freaking awesome that he had the balls to do it and not reset it like Berman or others would have done...remember, this isn't the TNG universe anymore...Tuvok and Vorik and Selar and all the rest aren't dead...they're just in another part of the multiverse.
Agreed. I was genuinely expecting the Enterprise to be sucked into the anomaly / singularity / whatever you want to call it and everything being undone. The fact it didn't happen is just brilliant. No reset buttons in this parallel universe.

And while I completely understand where people like galleywest are coming from, I don't mourn the fact that future movies won't take place in the Trek universe we've known for the past four decades. That universe is perfectly intact and it won't be going anywhere, but trying to cater to those four decades of stories and continuity led to Insurrection and Nemesis - two of the worst movies imaginable. This parallel universe offers its own future and I for one want to see what that future will be like.

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Since it's being brought up, I would like to point out that I whole-heartedly approve of the lack of a reset button. Normal Trek resets/ cop-outs are pretty bad, but to do something this big and make that many changes, I would have been pissed if they had Old Spock fix everything or some cheap crap like that.
Agreed. As I said above I was waiting for the reset, and I'm stoked that there wasn't one.

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Starfleet isn't the military. It has a military heirarchy, sure, 'cause it runs smoother that way but these people aren't soldiers. They're scientists and swashbucklers banding together as an "instrument of civilization," as Kirk once said. Where the military breaks its members down to little more than machines following an authoritarian command structure, Starfleet's strength comes from its attempt to cultivate and maximize the strengths of each individual. That's why Starfleet is so much more forgiving of insubordination and familiarity in the ranks. It wasn't until DS9, Voyager and Enterprise that it was reinterpretted to be a military organization.

Kirk proved his talent by saving every single Federation world from Nero when a dozen experienced starship commanders had failed to do it. He was rewarded with a place in Starfleet where he could fully actualize himself, to the benefit of the entire organization. The fact that something like that would never happen in today's military is an indictment of today's military, not of Starfleet.
Terrific post. QFT.

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I'm actually suprised that more people don't feel the same way. I guess everyone is so starved they will eat anything.

Don't mean to pick a fight. Just feel that it was not necessary to destroy fourty years of Trek to make a great Trek movie.
But nothing's been "destroyed". This movie is essentially in a parallel universe. The "original" universe is intact and undamaged, and able to be enjoyed on its merits. So is this universe. Frankly, I think it's great that we have both.

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Did anyone stay until the very bloody end? I kinda wished they put it earlier, either at the very beginning or at the start of the end credits, but the last slide was "In memory of Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barrett-Roddenberry." I thought that was pretty neat.
I always stay to the very end of a movie and so I saw that. Very classy touch on behalf of Abrams and co., IMO.
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