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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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What else could they do that would top that in this new universe?

I feel like maybe they've topped themselves here.
They can do (and clearly capable of achieving) anything at all.

Star Trek took its risk, tempted fate again per its charter, and now is free at last of the shackles of self-imposed dogma (which Mr Roddenberry himself warned us against).

And with that freedom there can be new insights into our beloved characters and a brand new universe a brave new imagining to explore which in turn will provide new situations and therefore new insights into old knowledge.

If you think you knew all about these characters, about the star trek universe and its vision - i suspect we haven't seen anything yet!

Its an exciting prospect.

No wonder Mr Nimoy is so proud and moved: in interview he looks as if a great weight of responsiblity has been lifted from him and something he cared for and cared about for so long can carry on with his blessing to gift the future with an enduring legacy of hope that he and his friends created and with which they (and i guess in a way we too) will be forever linked.
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