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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Hi all,

I voted average. It was a reasonably good popcorn flick.

It was NOT the second coming of Star Trek.

First the good:

Casting choices were reasonably good. Most of the performances were very well done.

The special effects, and certain production elements were done VERY well. The Vulcan cities/landscape, Iowa (yes, it really is THAT flat), and the exterior ship design.

Next, the not so good:

The interior sets of the ships looked like those old 80's flicks that were filmed inside an old industrial complex.

All the easter eggs. I mean, really, it was as if someone, who didn't really understand Trek, simply plucked random elements out of the shows/movies and threw them in the movie, without even stopping to consider the context.

Finally, the Horrible.


Destroyed the continuity. CRA's arguments are well founded, and I agree with most of them.

The battle scenes were absolutely horrible. Abrupt, loud and incoherent. Makes nuBSG's shakeycam battles look like ballet.

Ridiculous plot elements. Kirk's 3rd attempt at the KM test...I mean, you at least have to LOOK like you're trying, even if you're cheating.

The destruction of Vulcan...totally rewrites the history of the Federation. You might not agree, but it was totally unecessiary from a plot perspective.

Cadet to Captain...over officers that were already graduated and serving on the E and other ships. GMAFB. That absurd plot device ruined the movie for me.

The Kirk and Spock's relationship was LONG and COMPLICATED, and we're supposed to belive their best buds overnight, with major elements of that development now eliminated due to the changed time line? Not to mention Spock was re-written as a lustful sociopath.

Sorry, it seemed like a 10 year old fanboy wrote the story. Too many absolutely absurd AND unecessary plot fails. Some adult supervision with the story would have added at least a measure of respectibility

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