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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

OK, here we go. I want to look at the film on 2 fronts - as a movie, and as Trek. First, as a movie -

It was a blast. I was entertained, the story moved, the characters were interesting, the fx were top notch. It was a little manic, but it had energy. When was the last time there was energy in a Trek movie? You could follow the story, even if you weren't a fan. (I saw it with a non-fan, and she loved it). Good music, entertaining, the whole package.

As Trek - I was sure that it wouldn't be "good" Trek, and I was willing to sacrifice that to have life breathed back into the franchise. JJ fooled me, and pulled it off - it's a good movie AND good Trek. The time travel was incidental and accidental - and they did the throwaway line that it changed everything, and you didn't need anything more. The actors, Pine especially, made the good choice not to do imitations of the originals, but I saw Kirk in Pine more than once. The idea of outcasts Kirk and Spock succeeding despite predjudice and disadvantage was enough "message" for me - showing that there is a Kirk in all of us, no matter our situation. Genuine laughs, not the forced comedy of the prior films. I (and the audience as a whole) laughed, cheered, gasped, and enjoyed. Plenty of nods to TOS, TWOK, and even ENT, but not so the non fan would be perplexed by it. I got chills when I first saw the Enterprise, and when Sulu flew her to the rescue. The supporting characters getting stuff to do. Abrams tweaking the fans and turning some Trek mythos on its head (Spock gets the babe!) Was it deep? No, but maybe Trek was not ment to be too deep, maybe more Star Wars than 2001. What did Kirk say - "IT". And, at the end, with the dedication, I actually broke into tears, thinking about Deforest and Jimmy and Gene and Majel and how old I am now. Trek and I have grown up (and older) together. I remember being 8 years old, sitting in the Bronx on a Friday night with my Dad, watching the exploits of the heroic James T. Kirk and crew, and feeling excited, and full of wonder as the story unfolded. Trek is young again, and I can't be, but JJ made me FEEL young today, and that felt great. The nitpickers will have a field day, but I'm not getting into it. It was.......FUN. And I can only say this....

Space - the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Enterprise. It's continuting mission - to explore strange new worlds. To seek out new life forms, and new civilizations. To boldly go where no one has gone before.

Fly on, Enterprise. I'll be there with you. Thanks, JJ
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