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Re: I want my money back!

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I'm actually suprised that more people don't feel the same way.
You're surprised that some people care more about the story than they do some geeky fictional timeline? "But, we fought WWIII in the 1990s! We really did!" Nonsense. It's been almost half a century. It's time for a reboot. You want to keep Star Trek relevent, don't you?

Now if you have criticisms of the story, that's another thing. But you can't enjoy a movie because it does fit with the fictional timeline that exists nowhere except in your head? That's nonsense.
There is fourty years of history, about tweny of which I grew up with. Its not nonsence its the fanchise I knew and loved. If the movie was better or did not alter Trek so very much, my reaction would be different... probably. :-)
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