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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]


That was the most fun I've had watching Star Trek since I was 12!

Random thoughts...

- They need to move away from the kitchy retro thing. The classic uniforms didn't look nearly as good as the academy uniforms and the old fashioned beeps and boops felt a bit silly to me. And this is from someone who loves the original series more than any healthy person should love a TV show.

- For the first time in my life, I like Chekov. Hell, I loved him!

- The entire cast was perfect... except Winona Rider.

- The consensus seems to be that Urban was doing an impersonation of Kelley. I didn't see that at all. He didn't even have a Georgia accent- much less one of Kelley's generation (also my grandparent's generation). His Bones was great, but it was as new as Pine's Kirk.

- I liked that Nero was just some average working class schmuck with a big drill. No pompous accent and obsession with classical literature for that guy!

- Nimoy has still got it.

- I loved that Spock's initial assumption was that Jim Kirk had somehow come to Delta Vega to rescue him.

- Why call the planet Delta Vega? That seemed random. I wish they had taken the opportunity to put that TAS/TMP planet back in the Vulcan sky. That would have worked perfectly and would have easily explained why Spock could see Vulcan's demise so clearly.

- Scotty was right... it was exciting.
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