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Re: I want my money back!

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Have fun storming the PARAMOUNT PICTORES CASTLE!
Don't intend to storm anthing. But I regret seeing the film. I don't literally want my money back by the way.

In any case, I thought the film was okay but because its a reboot I'm simply not going to go with the flow.

I like my trek the way it was not the way they will make it.

I'm actually suprised that more people don't feel the same way. I guess everyone is so starved they will eat anything.

Don't mean to pick a fight. Just feel that it was not necessary to destroy fourty years of Trek to make a great Trek movie.
This was clearly - and marketed - to be a Trek series for nonfans (I won't argue against that). A few of the dedicated fans I know locally said that the film was ok but not one of the greats (averaged third behind FC and TWOK), but my nontrek fans who have seen it (I was amazed that there were a few who have already seen it) said that it was great. I noted this back during Nemesis' run too - nonfans seemed to like it more.
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