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I want my money back!

I never thought of myself as a "crazy" fan. But I am, today, done with the franchise. They should never permit a non-Trek fan to make a Trek movie. Abrams has destroyed, figuratively and literally, the Trek Universe. He destroyed Vulcan!

I want my money back.

The actors (all except Kirk) were perfect. The special effects were great. All was good. But he destroyed the series with over forty years of history. Horrible.

I never thought I would be so dramatic but I want my money back. I purposely avoided all spoilers. I new that there would be changes, and alterations but I did not count on this nonsense.

I seriously hope this film fails and that there would be no more. Enough is enough. The franchise should end.

Crazy you say. Yes I am. I've said my peace. I don't see how true fans can enjoy this remaking or reboot or crap or whatever else one may call this .... ...Let me put a cadet in charge of the starship, and remake the movie into a pointless action flick for the average consumer... the fans.

That is what this film is a big the fans. They could have done a good film without a complete reboot.

Okay NOW I'm done.
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