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Re: The story was awful. (Spoilers)

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I also wrote months back that I had a problem with the villains in ST these days just all looking like bald vampires. Seems even their murky motivations are also now being carried over from film to film.
The crappy villain is my one gripe about the film. Yes I am in mourning over Vulcan but I'd rather be in mourning than utterly bored. Nero sucked. A thug. Utterly forgettable. Soran was 10,000 times more interesting. Really, an insult to Romulans. Of course I'm sure Romulans have their own attack dog thugs but it's just a waste. Even Shinzon was more interesting to me which says a lot.

Thankfully Nero really was a minor element and didn't get much screen time. His ship was very cool.

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