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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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For me, the near-complete absence of Trek's core values (social commentary and a generally hopeful view of the future) is what disappointed me. It was essentially a Terminator-clone sci-fi action movie, but with characters and ships with which we are familiar.
Well I enjoyed that absence. I think for Trek fans the values speak for themselves. The core connection of friendship spanning 139 years or whatever between Kirk and Spock. The brave sacrifice of George Kirk at what should have been a moment of joy and personal fulfillment. Pike's recognition of greatness in the young Kirk and his willingness to take a bet on it, to give this tearaway a chance. I was very glad not to hear any sermonizing, gazelle speeches or commentary about how humanity has evolved past the need for war.
Interestingly, those are the handful of scenes that I truly liked in the movie. For me, those elements were lost in the wholesale genocide of the Vulcans and the hokey Spock/Uhura high-school romance. The movie was just a downer for me on so many levels.
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