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Robert Scorpio's take

Short and simple..

This movie clicks with all things that make a modern movie great. The pacing, the characters, the nods to old fans, music, FX....all of it was spot on..

If you're someone who doesn't like this movie then you are so out of touch with reality it wont matter what anyone says..

But for you normal fans, the ones who are not wrapped in continuity, or some silly reasons others comment on, this movie is for YOU, and more importantly, the young crowd, which I saw this movie with, totally found it enjoyable...

It is better than Nemsis..Insurrection..First Contact..TUC....V...Voyage Home..Search for Spock and TMP...Khan?? Close call. But based on what normal people want in a movie (meaning not trek fans) this is the better movie...

I wont go into continuity diversions and new ship models and new relationships....because who cares.

STAR TREK 2009 scores a hit.

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