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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I don't really feel like writing a full-fledged review at the moment, but I'll say Above Average, as I thought it fell a little short of excellent.

It was lots of fun. Characterization was spot-on, the acting was solid, the action sequences and special effects were fantastic, the humour and references were appropriate and never too over the top, and there was enough of an emotional core to sustain the drama.

Sure, I have some nits: some things seemed a bit rushed (I might have liked to see some more of Kirk and Spock's younger days, to get a better feel of who they were compared to who they become by the end of the film; another moment or two between Spock and Amanda could have given her death a little more resonance; elder Spock's interaction with his younger self was a tad blase (man, I wish I knew how to put accents on letters here ), likewise his interaction with Kirk was too exposition-heavy (I think it could have been stretched out a bit, with Spock more astonished and delighted, in his reserved Vulcan way, to see his old friend -- basically, making it more of a "big moment", albeit a quiet one). Some of the characters got short-changed (notably Sulu and Chekov), getting very little screen-time and development compared to others (although I fully understand and agree with the reasons for focussing on Kirk and Spock). The climax was suitably exciting, but I would have preferred to see a full-on, hand-to-hand confrontation to the death (or, at the least, to the crippling defeat) between Kirk and Nero.

But I definitely liked it. I haven't been this jazzed about a Star Trek movie since First Contact, and I heartily recommend this film to my fellow Trek fans. It's a rollicking good time at the cinema.
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