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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

In the parlance of the poll I'd have to go with Above Average, although I'd prefer another grade between that and Excellent. A-

The plot was needlessly convoluted whilst simultaneously prosaic to the point of being bland. Nero was a complete cipher, easily the most disappointing facet of film.

My concerns regarding characterisation and dialogue were entirely unfounded. Everyone is spot on here, with Quinto's performance as Spock and Urban's as McCoy being especially noteworthy. Chekov is still an annoying waste of space, but perhaps one can consider that to be one of the many homages paid to the original series. The deftness with which the humour was handled was both surprising and welcome, as was Spock/Uhura.

The film works on both the broadest and most minute levels, but it doesn't hold together as a coherent whole. Frankly, there's too much fanwank, too much time was spent catering to the existing fanbase at the expense of the film. Elder Spock's expository monologue is the product of the burdens placed upon the film by the studio's desire to placate the fanbase. Ditch the time travel bullshit.

This was definitely Star Trek, and it was one hell of a ride. There's more to the franchise than was presented here, and I hope that future films can operate on a more intellectual level whilst preserving the praiseworthy qualities in this one, but there's no doubt about it: Trek is back.

I'll be seeing it again later today.
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