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Any critical reactions?

Before we get started I would appreciate it if we keep this civil and intelligent, ie no tantrums over opinions just because you disagree with them.

I don't think this film is that great. Its good popcorn fun, but its a bit dumbed down. The science bit in Spocks backstory made no sense for a multitude of reasons, (eg red matter wtf?!)

Kirk was basically Dennis the Menace in space, he was really difficult to sympathize with, he was a brawling agressive cheating asshole who essentially takes the p1ss out of Spock at a very sensitive moment, almost all of his species being wiped out. (And yes, I know Spock tells him to do this but I think his ascension to captaincy could have scripted better). And the promotions starfleet on crack?! Kirk, a cadet, randomly gets assigned as first officer, then becomes captain. Wtf!!!! Seriously, the only thing I can say in defense of this is that the film seems to realize the ridiculousness of the situation it puts forward, as shown by Spocks confusion when Kirk is appointed first officer.

The pacing of the film feels like someone yelling at you really fast for 2 hours. Hmmm. Its all crash bang wallop. There's no time for reflection and the end message, that acting on feelings rather than rational decisions is so dumb because at the end of the day I will trust anyone who makes a rationally thought out choice rather than someone who does what they feel is right. In fact I think the message would have been better if they had mixed it up a little bit, to act rationally and with feeling, that would be a message I would agree with, but the one put forward is almost irresponsible because you can justify any action based on feeling.

Good things about the film are the fx, spocks characterization and the fact that overall its entertaining. It was fun, explosive and ambitious in scale, it was also a respectful tribute to the Star Trek legacy and for what its meant to be, a revamping of Star Trek, a kind of Star Trek version of Star Wars (1977), its perfect. The exposition and dialogue can wait for the second film, but I do expect it.

I think this film warrants a second viewing because I want to determine how it holds up beyond the explosions and action sequences.
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