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The Good, the Bad, the Ugly.

First impressions (2 hours post viewing movie):

The Good-

The special effects. Easily the best space scenes in Star Trek's history. The battle's looked great. The planet attacks look great. Excellent job with a few minor exceptions. I actually loved after the movie was over, the modern take on the original music, with excellent planet/space/sci-fi scenes. Really cool.

Chris Pine, I really enjoyed watching him as Kirk. I was most skeptical about this performance regarding the movie, but overall I was pleased.

The Bad-

The Snow Alien scenes were lame. They did not look convincing and they looked dated.

The time-travel plot was good, in the sense it allowed Nimoy to pass the torch to JJ. But if you think about it, and the "it's an alternate reality" scenes, bleh. It's better to enjoy this movie on pace, and not think deeply about one of the main plotlines, and the fact it erases everything in Star Trek post-Enterprise, and my dvd's have now vanished from my home.

Nero. He was ok. There should've been more screen time devoted to him. His ear/scar should've been explained in the movie. His ending wasn't epic enough, in my eyes.

Scotty's pet friend, I was very worried it was going to turn into a horrible Jar-Jar situation. At least it didn't get ugly like that. But it was pretty dumb, imo. I was disappointed in his character which surprised me.

The Ugly-

McCoy, I liked Urban ok. But when I think of ToS, I think Kirk, Spock, AND McCoy. In this re-imagining it's Kirk and Spock. McCoy is more on the level of the rest of the main crew. The scene with Nimoy and Quinto, near the end of the movie, didn't really work for me. I kept thinking, if McCoy were also in the scene, Old-Spock and McCoy could have a cool exchange. Did they even have a scene together?

Product placement, the Nokia add was horendous. That shit doesn't belong in Trek.


I enjoyed the 2 hours I was watching the movie. Do I think it will stand up as well as some of the classics? No. It might rank 4th or 5th best star trek movie for my personal tastes.

I liked new Kirk, Spock, Sulu, Chekhov, and Uhura. Checkhov I thought was great, but I had very low expectations. As stated before, McCoy and Scotty I was somewhat disappointed with.

But I want to see it again, and already have plans to see it again with a relative... so on that basis, it's a success. I think this movie will help keep Star Trek around, and that's a plus.
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