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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

I'd also like to temper some of my comments from my first, somewhat emotional response, with some of the things I liked about the film.

There was a scene, with (Quinto) Spock beaming back to the Enterprise with his arm outstretched reaching for someone left behind. The expression on his face was so earnest and yet so entirely Vulcan that tears welled up in my eyes. It was perfect. Chekov's desperate realization only added to the heartbreak. The scene was pure magic. I'd watch the movie again for that moment alone.

Similarly, the interplay of the two actors when Spock said "Get out of the chair." was brilliant. In fact, every line Zack Quinto had was powerful, even the little things like the simultaniously urgent and restrained way in which he said "Energize".

On the set front, Engineering was an industrial nightmare--not at all like the sleek and streamlined interiors we're used to seeing. It reminded me a lot of Galactica, but I accepted the design aesthetic almost instantly-- I think it's one of those updates that Star Trek needed in order to stay current. I loved the Bridge. I'd been dreaming of an actual window where you could see out onto the saucer with the HUD projected onto it. It was BEAUTIFUL.

The Orion cadet was hot. And genuinely hot, not the awkward decontamination gel scene "hot" that Star Trek usually mangles. I expect screenshots forthwith.

Ben Cross's Sarek had gravitas from the very moment he was on screen. The Same goes for Bruce Greenwood as Pike. Wonderful casting, great performances.

I very much enjoyed the entire build-up of the Kobayashi Maru sequence. It was one of the highlights of the film. The simulation was comedic, and Spock's dialogue in the "trial" was resonant. Unfortunately I felt like the pay-off, in Kirk's forcing Spock to relinquish command was a let-down. I would have liked to have seen Kirk's (neccesary) cruelty play out over several scenes and interplays before Spock finally snapped. Doing it in a single scene felt very forced. That's one of the places I felt the film's pacing did the building of the relationship a disservice.

I will commend them for another thing--skydiving directly into the fiery ray of an orbital drilling platform is a particularly inventive way of offing a redshirt.

I also liked how complex and hands-on they depicted the art of transporting individuals...up until they had Scotty transport himself and Kirk onto a vessel that had left the planet at Warp 4 for (presumably) hours. But, I guess if anyone could pull it off, it'd be Scotty...

The beauty shots of the Enterpise, in space dock, at Saturn, avoiding (and colliding with) debris were all lovely. ILM is the greatest effects house ever. Of course, there were better NCC-1701 redesigns on this BBS's own Art forums... ...but I digress.

There were a LOT of things I liked about the film, thinking about it further... but I still feel like the bad outweighed the good.
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