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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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First off

I don't think Gene had any problems with the idea of Trek being financially successful.

Nor did he have a problem with Trek being able to do all forms of entertainment.

In fact we (the diehards) have often marveled how Trek has been able to jump from serious drama, to light hearted farce, to morality play, to action, to romance, to adventure, to thriller.

Why would any rational being think that Gene had a problem with Action? I mean seriously.

The type of storytelling never seemed to bother him before, why should it now. The thing he wanted was the characters and spirit to be in those types of stories. If you do a war story let it be one that it features Trek's optimism and for it to serve teh characters. And thats really true for all genres.

Gene never limited himself or his writers into one type of genre.
Here's what I think about Gene... Gene would have f--king LOVED this movie. Gene would have had tears in his eyes watching this, seeing his characters and his creation being realized so fully and so vibrantly, and still so alive and relevant after 40+ years. More alive and relevant than ever perhaps. He would have loved it.

"I'll see you again after this Romulan business is finished. I promise."
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