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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Last night someone asked what was the message of this film. I think it was on another thread. I could not come up with one right away. But after sleeping on it, I think they were trying to say major elements of the universe will unfold in a specific way. Meaning there is such a thing as a destiny. For example, despite Kirk's father not being there to influence him, he ends up joining SF. Sure he joined later than the original time line, 22 - 25yo. He still meets and befriends Bones and Spock. He still becomes Captain of the Enterprise, and the youngest Captain in SF. I still think they should have flash fwded 5 - 8 yrs before making him Captain.

The other message I think they tried to convey was, circumstances do not dictate your fate. He was a troubled kid and had no direction. Pike challenged him and he chose to better himself.
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