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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

A bit of a tongue-in-cheek article, but as a Werder Bremen supporter, I found it hilarious nonetheless:
It’s possibly the most bizarre way that any club has ever progressed into a major European final.
Werder Bremen’s third goal - the one that eventually saw them progress past Hamburg on the away goals rule - arrived in extraordinary circumstances.
As Hamburg defender Michael Gravgaard looked to safely guide the ball behind the line for a goal-kick, it instead took an incredible diversion after hitting a ball of paper that was lying unobtrusively on the pitch before striking the unfortunate centre-back on the leg and going behind for a corner.
As the commentary team joked at what a freak goal it would be if Werder netted, Frank Baumann did just that to send the underdogs into the Uefa Cup final, where they will play Shakhtar Donetsk.
An assist for the ball of paper was later awarded by Uefa.
So while Diego, after a terrific performance, will be missing from the final through suspension, Werder need not rely on their star playmaker but instead make sure that the apparently innocuous (but secretly deadly) white ball of paper makes it to Istanbul alongside the rest of the squad, first class and all.
Perhaps most ironic is that the paper was thrown onto the field by Hamburg supporters. The club have unofficially confirmed that they have identified the individual responsible, who will now be banned for life. Martin Jol also has one free swing at him.
It was in fact a piece of paper thrown onto the pitch by a Hamburg supporter. It was part of their display of support (not sure how to translate that one) before the game.

A video of the piece of paper in action can be seen at that website (from which the quote was taken).

See also: Google translation of a fansite.

Reportedly, Paperball is in negotiations to move to to Juventus Turin or Bayern München.

PS: That was also the first goal Hamburg conceded this season after a corner kick.
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