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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Indeed rebel, I don't care what it has done to future events because it has done nothing to future events. Believe it or not, all those things still exist, I can go grab The Wrath of Khan off my DVD shelf now and still love and enjoy it. I can watch this new film and any sequel they spawn and love and enjoy them too. It's fiction, man- get over it. You want to ignore writers intent, that's fine, I'm sure you and a couple of other sticklers will remain steadfast in your resolve. The rest of us can get on enjoying a reborn franchise in one of our favourite settings. Why don't you go and watch that Voyager episode Threshold and weep over the loss of it all? You still can you know, contrary to what you seem to believe those episodes still exist!

Also, we could see most of the 79 episodes stories still happening, although some may be slightly different. Khan is still out there waiting for this crew to find him.

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