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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Killer Koinek wrote: View Post
Still, then I guess there would be a group of people crying about the inconsistencies. At least this way they can be satisfied that their universe is untainted and still exists the same as before. While I know that I can appreciate this new incarnation of Trek.

Just wish I could bring the two into a single narrative beyond the initial branching point. A shame.
Robert DeSoto wrote: View Post
anyway, just to clarify, I'm not saying this violates canon. I understand its an alternate universe. I'm just saying, if its not the real universe, I just dont care for them quite the same way.
I think these are really good points, and I agree completely. People are now in the "if you didn't like it you're a canon nazi and didn't get it" mode, which I think is unfair. My quibble with the movie can really be distilled into the above points. I do get it, it's just hard to feel the same connection to an alternate universe Trek as opposed to the original Trek universe. I think this is a valid reaction to the film.

Having said that, I completely understand why they really had to do the movie this way. They couldn't do it any other way and expect to continue to bring new, fresh stories to the screen. And, in a way, it's brilliant because it still maintains the hierarchy Trek fans love so much between themselves and non-Trekkies. Trek fans will now have a whole reservoir of "well, in the original Trek universe, it didn't happen that way..." knowledge to throw around.

I do look forward to seeing where they take this, I just am still very sad that Trek has reached the point where it's now moved completely outside of its original storylines, and we won't be seeing anything to do with those anymore. And that now Kirk doesn't have a dad, Spock doesn't have a mom, and Chekov has to live with inadvertantly killing Spock's mom.

Now, one thing that is NOT related to alternate universe stuff that is a legitimate complaint: weren't there any more senior officers on this ship? All these cadets suddenly take over the flagship of the fleet, including one guy not even assigned to the ship and one guy who just hitched a ride (also uninvited) from a local outpost. If I were a lieutenant on this ship, I'd be like, "hey, wait a minute....!"

And still the kissy-bear Spock stuff. Seriously. Still bothers me on reflection. Vulcans are usually either completely devoid of or completely consumed by emotions, so Spock gaining a fairly normal emotional middle-ground while he is this young is too out-of-character for me, even if he did just lose his Mom and planet (which I would think would make him an emotional mess rather than allow him the fairly tempered emotional outbursts and reactions he showed).

SO, to sum up, right now, leaning toward an Above Average rating, but will certainly see the movie again before voting, this time in a theater that isn't absolutely roasting and crammed full of people.
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