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Re: What Star Trek toys did you grow up playing with?

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I had the Dinky Toys Enterprise. Yep, that ugly big white metal hunk of inaccuracy. Plastic bits fell off and the white paint got heavily chipped as my friend and I subjected it to all kinds of "stress tests". That was my big problem... as kid I could tell when the design of things was just so wrong. I built the AMT Explorer Set and despite a reasonably good paint job, was infuriated with the stupid communicator lid hinges that broke after only a few uses. The tricorder wasn't bad, but too small. And the phaser looked like a box with knobs and a handle. I did find it rather amusing that the Animated Star Trek series seemed to copy that explorer set--the phaser looked nearly identical!

Nah... in the 70's we were cursed with junk for Star Trek toys. If we'd gotten something like the Art Asylum phaser, it would have been Star Trek euphoria. The really annoying thing is that it didn't take any special technology to make it--only someone dedicated to accuracy.
I had that smae Enterprise! The shuttle would come out of a little hatch on the bottom. It shot photon torpedoes (plastic disks) out thr front of the saucer.
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