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Re: DS9 Versus: A viewing experient

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I'm surprised too, Vortex was a very good episode and it ties in nicely with what we learn about the Founders later in the series.
I guess it gets neglected because it came after a really dull stretch from DS9, so it's possible many just missed it.

Week 16: (Ending 04.25.93)
DS9: Battle Lines (Airdate 04.25.93)

Once again, DS9 scores a strong dark outing on its own, this time managing to really differ itself from TNG with quite the downer of an ending. I suppose some may have thought Sisko came off a little weak as a negotiator, especially compared to Picard, but then this wasn't that kind of episode, was it? I dunno. All I know is when I watched this way back when, Battle Lines managed to (briefly) recapture my interest in DS9, as it was an episode of Trek that I never thought I'd see.

All in all, DS9 managed to make better use of its third solo outing than the last time, but TNG's coming back next week, so we'll see which show's gonna come out on top during May Sweeps.

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