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Re: What Star Trek toys did you grow up playing with?

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I had a stuffed tribble that squeaked when I squeezed it. Mine was gray, and my sister's was white.
Oh yeah, I have one of those too. It came with a VHS package of both TOS and DS9's Tribble episodes. I think mine is kind of beige in colour.
I had one too! It was white. I think I squeezed it too much. My tribble doesn't squeak anymore.
I found mine! It's a very light beige, almost white. And it still squeaks when I squeeze it!

I'd forgotten about the phasers, tricorders and communicators. Most of them were really good, especially the TOS ones. I really hated the TNG communicator, though. It was so clunky. I used to use the display stands as my 'real' comm-badge.

God, I was so cool.
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