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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Since it seems we may not make individual review threads, I'll post mine here so my thread may be closed:

Some spoilers ahead.


I'm not a film reviewer. Nor am I the penultimate encyclopedia on anything TOS. I'm just a regular guy, mid twenties, who has watched and loves everything Trek. Having said that, I do have some thoughts:

I've just watched the movie. And, after letting it sink in, all I can say is (to paraphrase McCoy): I like it, it's exciting!

And it truly is.

The space battles don't look 'realistic' (in the 'the universe is so large you'd be kilometers away from each other' sense), but they are exciting as hell. It gets the blood pumping and damn, I was literally rocking in my seat.

The emotional scenes do more to give the characters, well, character, then entire seasons have done for the previous series. My girlfriend even let a tear escape when Jim was born. Even my eyes got a little wet (sure was glad for that few seconds black! Gotta wipe my eyes in secret ).

And the story, well, of course it's rushed in some places; it's a movie, what do you think? But it's not some slice of cheese with more holes then my garden fence like most previous Treks: it's engaging, it's (at times) very logical and it's definitely not too drawn out, it's the right pace at the right times.

Even the re-design of familiar elements have been done superbly. Yes, I don't like engineering much either (still looks too much like a brewery -- where's the warp core?), but what it does look like is real. It's looks absolutely, completely, definitively real. And that rocks. Just like all other elements of production design. It looks cool, it looks real and above all: most of it looks completely and utterly futuristic. This could very well be our future! Our bright, optimistic, wonderful and exciting future!

And to top it all off, they lost the reset button! That's right, no reset. There are now 2 Spocks in existence. Vulcan is no more and the United Federation of Planets and it's heroes would forever be altered. Nothing will be the same again.

The new possible story lines that these events have opened up are fantastic as well; how would you feel if Spock's efforts of unification would come true in this universe when all he had to do was to sacrifice his entire home planet? How will things develop now? All the possibilities are staggering.

And I love it. When the movie was done, I felt like a little boy, seeing my first Star Trek movie on the big screen. You know that scene with the food from 'Ratatouille'? When the guy relives his childhood? That's how I felt. And you?

PS: When is the next movie coming out? Cause I say: BRING IT ON!
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