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Re: What I did and didn't like at Star Trek

I don't agree that his revenge was misdirected. Spock *promised* him that his family would be save, Spock *promised* him that his planet would not be in danger. Spock failed.

All right, it's a bit much to promise, and Spock would have known that. But if Nero didn't believe in Spock and the Federation that much, he would probably at least get his family off the planet to keep them save.

He believed in Spock, and Spock failed. His entire family now lie dead at his feet for believing in Spock and the Federation. Of course he blames them, it's easier then to blame himself.

On another note: I don't think the editing was too fast paced. To be completely honest, I do have ADHD so I tend to be biased but I expected something extreme, which it wasn't. The battles were fast, but not too fast to follow. They were exhilarating, but not so much that the rest fell flat.
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