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What I did and didn't like at Star Trek

I saw Star Trek today at a late morning showing. Not much atmosphere in the cinema. . me and 15 other people.

I won't review the film as such, as if you take most of what has been written in the media and mash it all together, you get a fairly accurate appraisal.

This is just a list of what I felt was good and what was bad, so possible spoilers below.


The opening sequence with the Kelvin and the Narada. The battle was the best part of the film, and I got a bit emotional seeing Kirk Sr going to his death in order to save his wife, his unborn child and his crew. Stunning visual effects accompanied by an unexpected but appropriate solemn operatic/choral score.

Karl Urban as McCoy. Briliant. Nailed the part. Totally and utterly nailed it.

The opening money shot of the Enterprise in space.

John Cho and Anton Yelchin as Sulu and Chekov were excellent, although Yelchin wasn't used much past comedy value.

Good fight scenes, especially in the bar, and on the Narada's sky platform.

Leonard Nimoy was legendary as Spock, and somewhat showed up Quinto who played the role a little too robotically and dispassionately.

2 hours flew by. After the excellent opening, I expected the film to sag in the middle, but it never really did.


ADHD editing, especially during battle scenes, made it impossible to focus on anything for large parts of the film.

Early on in the film, the repeated use of "3 years later" to jump huge chunks of time and backstory out of Kirk's younger years and his progression through the Academy. I realise there's only so much you can fit in 2 hours, but this bothered me big time.

Spock and Uhura kissing each other. .NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Just plain wrong. I don't care this is all happening in an alternate timeline. I can see a Kirk-Uhura-Spock love triangle in the sequel. NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Simon Pegg. Sorry, Simon. I don't know if was you or the script not helping you out, but you almost killed the film. If Pegg had ever seen TOS, he'd have known Scotty was never an attention seeking egotist. I think Pegg's performance suffered a little from over egging the pudding, suggesting he was perhaps enjoying himself a bit too much, something which could be explained by some of his media interview comments.

Nero's motivation was barely explained, while his character started to remind me of Shinzon, and I was getting bad Nemesis flashbacks. We got 5 seconds of Nimoy telling Kirk about the destruction of Romulus in order to give us Nero's motivation for destroying Vulcan. Pretty thin. And as with Nemesis, I find it impossible that in the original Trek timeline, the Romulan empire with its famous Tal Shiar security service, would've allowed some renegade nutter to build a huge ship and get access to black hole creating chemicals so he could destroy planets.
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