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Re: A review from a Kiwi perspective (spoilers aplenty so watch your s

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The movie then loses it's way a little bit, Kirk gets thrown off the ship to an ice planet which is apparently closer to Vulcan than we are to our moon. A couple of CGI monsters later and we finally get to see Old-Spice, er Spock. I have to say, as great as it is to see him, he really wasn't necessary. He didn't need to come back and explain everything (although the date he gives for the destruction of Romulus - assuming the Enterprise is still launched in 2245 - puts it slap bang in the middle of Voyager's 4th/DS9's 6th season/Insurrection, and clearly Romulus is still around by the time Nemesis appears). But then, this is JJ, so the rule book is out the window. He does have a great voice. Still sends a chill through your spine when he speaks.
I'm sure the computer on board the Jellyfish says 2387 was the date where it came back from, or I could have heard 2378 wrong...
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