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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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I agree with you SalvorHardin. The original timeline is not destroyed. There are just 2 timelines now.
Along the lines of the BTTF trilogy for example, once you change the past it's altered. Simple as. You can go back and try and fix it, but in some shape or other its changed. The original timeline of BTTF 1 of Lorriane & George having crap lives and crummy jobs is erased after Marty changes things, it's not still there running along side it.

But I can see what you're saying, and even if you do go with that I don't get how that explains the MASSIVE changed we see in such a short space of time for everything to be so different.
But my main gripe with that aspect of the film is "why?" Just make it a remake/reboot from the start. Then you wouldn't have this nonsensical mess of a plot and you could just do a cool story about Kirk, Spock and co's maiden voyage.

I don't get why that qualifies as a "Jump the Shark" moment, frankly. In fact, that is a huge part of why this is an exciting new direction. THAT has certainly never been there before, and it changes the balance of this universe, of these characters. Stuff like that opens up new possibilities for an aging franchise, not keeping the status quo for the 700th time.
If, shall we say, the death of Spock was an event that fans can live with, and effectively welcome as one integral part of TWOK's success, so can this. And like that event in 1982, it made the film one of consequence (if not long-lasting ones, mind you) which TV series don't do, but movies do.

About the other thing, the different bridge designs etc: How is it - and this annoys me to no end - that some of you guys just can't turn off that fucking fanboy attitude for TWO HOURS IN A MOVIE THEATER, that notion that everything we saw in a television series from the 1960s (!) is some sort of official recording sent back from the future where, if in another "recording", the slightest detail is changed, that change must either be explained at length and to your satisfaction or else be discarded as an historical falsification??? Come on! It's no that hard to accept that there are simply different production values today as they were 40 years ago. More money, a different sense of style... Try the idea for a change that maybe the ship always looked like that, but the resolution on your TV was too low to pick up on all the detail. Or some other bullshit that makes you accept that there are always different artistic versions representing the same thing.... and yes, even in Star Trek. How do you explain that uniforms in Star Trek change with every series, five times in eleven movies? And that they all look completely different from one another. Would a real military organization stage such a fashion show every other year? Why did the Enterprise bridge look completely different between TVH, TFF and TUC? Same ship, three completely different designs in as many films. Did you lie awake at night coming up with a "canon" way to explain that? No, I guess not. So why this time?
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