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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Ha! How far we've fallen.
Some have fallen so far they think Trek is a closed club reserved for a few chosen ones and nobody new should ever join.

It's a thin line and I'm happy to be proven wrong.

I wouldn't use the phrase "chosen few" to describe trekkies.

I would love it if Star Trek were as popular and well-received as Star Wars, or the LOTR.

But I don't think popularity is worth sacrificing the essence of what makes "trek" trek. Star trek should have a message. It should be forward thinking and ultimately uplifting/positive. It should teach us a moral lesson and at the same time show us how we can improve ourselves even more. It is, in essence, a morality tale cast in the future.

This new movie does none of these things. It fails the "trek" litmus test. It's just another hollywood blockbuster sans message and sans soul. It is a disgrace.
Well I guess one can hope that the essence of Trek, as you (correctly) describe here, might be recaptured in a future TV incarnation. Where there is time to delve into character studies and situational drama from week to week. Look at the appeal of shows like BSG, or The Shield. To have writers that could use this kind of formula in a new series would be awesome, but it might be kind of difficult in a big budget 2 hour and 7 minute "summer blockbuster". I'm hoping this is a spring board to Trek's future, unlike Berman's plywood w/ no springs, board that was DS9, Voy, and Ent.
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