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Re: Does "The Doomsday Machine" Remastered Really Add To the Episode?

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I love the original episode, but the poor special effects (especially the close-up of the Constellation entering the Planet Killer near the ending) take me out of the story. I feel the re-mastering is an improvement and only serves to assist the character-driven storyline.
To me it is quite the opposite. The shiny new 21st century CGI effects clash so much with everything around them that it yanks me right out of the story because it is so jarring.

But honestly, if people get pulled out of stories by shoddy FX, then perhaps they shouldn't be watching 40 year old low budget SciFi TV shows.

And a true "remastering"--which I would have welcomed-- wouldn't have added any new elements to the episodes, merely enhanced what was already there.
I agree completely.

I don't mind some poor effects shots being changed (like the Constellation shaking or the transparent Planet Killer).

But I do mind when entire effects shots are radically altered (the straffing run springs to mind).

I don't mind when they insert things into episodes that are referenced in the dialogue but not seen onscreen (the Klingon ships from Errand of Mercy, the Gorn ship from Arena).
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