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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Just to say the Not Canon was more of a joke, in that its what any fanboy (mainly Trek) says when they really dislike something. A few Trek fans do like to pick and choose their canonicity of Trek, which I never really went with until I saw this film.

What other specific aspects of the film did you not like? Just curious.[/QUOTE]
What didn't I like? As I say I don't want to write an essay, but it just didn't feel like Star Trek to me at all. It was just like any other whiz bang meaningless summer blockbuster you see, all jazzed up like say 2007's Transformers with a huge mess of CGI and a few tits and arse shots for the Zoo/Nuts crowd all hide that it has no soul and is forgettable throwaway trash.

I would have preferred if they'd simply gone for a reboot/remake plain & simple (ala Batman Begins for example) rather that trying to ram into the canon. I really don't see how the event of the USS Kelvin battle made Starfleet radically change their interior & exterior Starship design, erased 'The Cage' from existence, gave Spock & Uhura a romance, etc etc?
And mostly I just found it boring. Once it got to the part where Kirk was marooned on the ice planet the whole film was blatantly signposted- he's gonna find old Spock and Scotty, get back on the Enterprise somehow, take command, save the day, end up as Captain, bla bla bla. Which when it's a prequel you can kinda expect what to happen anyway, but not for it to be so dull.
It started out pretty "meh" I thought, but when it got to the scene of Kirk meeting McCoy I though "oh that's cool, this might be pretty sweet actually". But it just went back to meh and worse.

Here's a thing, I remember that thing where at some fan showing of Wrath of the Khan recently Leonard Nimoy showed up and played them this film instead. About two thirds into watching it I would have HAPPILY had them turn it off and watch WOK instead on the big screen. Hell, Search For Spock would have done.

And going back to why I'd have preferred it as a remake, then you wouldn't have to have all of TOS/TNG/DS9/VOY and the movies as we know them erased from existence by this "new timeline"
I find that offensive frankly, it just wasn't necessary to make a decent movie

The constant lens flares just got annoying, Chekov was embarrassing, the music was atrocious (I kept thinking "just use the John Williams theme, not this pathetic lifeless dross"), the Enterprise is dog ugly, Nero was a total cypher with no charatcer at all, Shinzon was better than he was for chrissakes, the Kobayashi Maru part just seemed slapped in their to keep the fans happy, the line about Admiral Archer's beagle was retarded in its illogicity...

Oh well, at least Abrams kept up the truism once spoken by Simon Pegg about the odd numbered Trek films

Haha, nice rant. See? You got me writing an essay!

If you like it fine, just to express my opinion that I thought it sucked. Definitely won't be buying the DVD
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