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What Star Trek toys did you grow up playing with?

And I don't mean "collecting and never using."

I was born in 1970 into a "Star Trek family," that is, my mom and dad and sister all watched it, so by default I did, too, although I didn't really understand it.

But I had the toys.

We had plastic phasers, which as I recall were really cool and made with tough plastic.

I had a "bridge/transporter" set with large Kirk and Spock dolls. On the bridge was this round thing you spun that was supposed to simulate the transporter. I remember the doll always flying out.

I also remember losing all of Kirk's clothes. (Much like he does in the series, har!)

I had this toy that had an Enterprise, with a fan underneath the saucer, that was attached to this long, metal rod that spun around a central motor, and you were supposed to "fly" the Enterprise around in a circle to pick up stuff. Anyone remember this?

I wish I still had these things, especially the phasers.
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