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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm

Telfer and Kano moved through the reeds of the nearby bog when a energy blast narrowly missed hitting Telfer. Kano drew his hand phaser and blasted a nearby Heartless that appeared to have an energy weapon of some sort built into it’s right arm.

Another energy blast came their way and Telfer fired his own phaser. At the same time came a screeching noise as several Shadow Heartless came barreling towards Telfer and Kano.

“Pull back!” Henry replied, “I’ll cover you.”

“Right.” Telfer gulped and ran to behind a nearby rock as disruptor blasts singed near him. He took aim and started firing before shouting, “Cover!”

Henry barreled to the next bit of cover, a half fallen tree, while Telfer was keeping up a base of fire. He took aim and took down a Soldier Heartless with a single energy blast. Another disruptor blast ripped by him.

“Telfer! Run!” Henry shouted.

Telfer stood back up and ran pell mell past the fallen tree. He could feel claw swipes as Heartless came up behind him, pursuing him. He could feel the heat as disruptor blasts burned past him. He could see Henry’s phaser blasts and even feel the residual heat coming by from those blasts. As he got to a half rusted car he could see Henry firing his last couple shots. The SAR operative was one hell of a marksman with a sidearm. Kano’s first shot downed a Soldier Heartless was pursuing Telfer, his second drilled a hole through one disruptor firing Soldier Heartless that only showed a chunk of it’s head from behind a fallen tree.


As they moved through the higher ground near the river Celes could hear the sound of phaser fire and fighting.

“It sounds bad.” Clara said, “Should we help?”

“We’ve gotta find the Flux Capacitor.” Celes replied, “Besides I can’t really imagine anything getting the better of Henry and we’re closer to the flux capacitor.”

“How far?” Clara asked.

“About half a kilometer.” Celes replied as she felt jubilance running through her.

Just then a voice sounded and the click of the hammer of a semiautomatic could be heard, “Good take me to it then.”

“I know that voice.” Clara replied and then cognition struck her features, “3-D!”

“In the flesh.” 3-D replied.

Celes’ mind raced. What could she do? She couldn’t go for her phaser. 3-D had the drop too solidly on them.

“Don’t even think about reaching for the ray gun doll.” 3-D said, “Now toss it aside...”

3-D fired a shot at Celes’ feet. “Now!” 3-D ordered.

Celes did as she was told. Then she had a thought. Stall. She had to stall. Henry could probably double back and help them if she kept her head long enough and kept 3-D from killing either of them.

“Show me how this doohickey works so I can find the flux capacitor.” 3-D demanded and took a couple steps closer.

“I can’t.” Celes replied, trying desperately not to think about the gun pointed at her chest without much success, “I-it’s genetically encoded to its user...”

“Very well, take me to the flux capacitor.” 3-D began.

Clara watched the whole exchange. The second 3-D found out where the flux capacitor was she and Celes were expendable and he’d likely kill both of them. She waited until 3-D’s attention was almost entirely focused on Celes before shouting, “Tal! Run!”

3-D turned and aimed his weapon at Clara. Celes threw her entire bodyweight against 3-D, the sudden impact of her admittedly light weight nearly knocked 3-D to the ground. She was fighting him with the strength of desperation. 3-D back handed her with his free hand and Celes tasted blood and saw stars at the same time.

As they fought 3-D managed to turn the gun and squeezed the trigger. He heard a cry of pain and saw the woman fall to the ground. Not three seconds later an energy blast nearly took off his head as he turned and ran away.

The last thing Celes heard before she lost consciousness was phaser fire and Billy shouting, “No! You’ll hit Tal!”


As they rushed into the clearing Henry saw Tal hit the ground, her hands at her right side and blood pooling on the ground. Henry’s phaser was firing before he was consciously aware.

Telfer grabbed Kano’s right hand and said, “No! You’ll hit Tal!”

“I would not!” Henry replied, “And he’s getting away!”

3-D was running away and not looking back.

Henry dropped to one knee beside Tal, it didn’t look good. There was blood seeping from her right side from between her interlaced fingers. Her breathing was shallow as he scanned her with his tricorder.

“Christ!” Henry said, “Get the dermal regenerator out of the medkit! Hurry!”

Telfer complied and Henry ran the dermal regenerator around Celes’ wound. “Get the hypo and give me 20 cc’s of that inaprovaline compound.”

“Here.” Telfer said, worry creasing his features, “She’s gonna be alright? Isn’t she?”

“I can’t tell right now. I’ve got her stabilized but that’s the best I can do.” Henry replied, as he looked concernedly at Tal. Her eyes were half closed and he heard just a faint whisper of pain coming from her lips.

“Kano to Delta Flyer. Emergency Beam Out.” Henry said trying desperately to control the fear he felt the fear he would always feel when his patients had just been treated. The fear that despite all that he did that the patient wouldn’t make it. Now this was compounded by who the patient was.

Henry felt the familiar sensation of dematerializing and he saw Telfer and Celes dematerialize too. Several milliseconds later he found himself in the Delta Flyer. “Get her to the biobed, now!” Henry began.

As Tom flew the Flyer, Telfer assisted Henry in laying Tal onto the biobed. The scan revealed that the bullet had just narrowly missed tearing into Celes’ left lung, but there was tremendous damage to her intestines.

“We need to get Tal to a hospital.” Henry replied.

“We’ve got to get to Doc Brown and his team on the ground first.” Tom said as he sped towards the Sausage Works compound...


Meanwhile at the Sausage Works compound the sound of pounding could be heard. An anthromorphic monkey challenged the sound of the pounding.

“Who is it?” the sentry said.

“I am the Benevolent Bratwurst! Open these gates or I will destroy you!!!” came the voice.

“Fair enough.” The monkey said and opened the gates.

The Sausage cult members scattered in fear and ran from the large monstrosity that entered the compound.

Several of the cult members including their leader bowed before the towering thing.

“What do you want your exaltedness?” the anthromorphic tickbird asked.

“Bring me the cooow!!!” the thing replied.

Meanwhile inside the giant sausage, Rocko sat at the wheel of his car and drove it based on Filburt’s directions.
“How was that?” Filburt asked.

“Great Filburt, keep it up!” Rocko said before asking, “Ready Doctor Brown?”

“Ready as I’ll ever be...” Brown replied as he jumped down from a hatch in the back of the giant sausage mounted atop Rocko’s car.

Meanwhile the door to the jail opened and the two large anthromorphic bulls dragged Heffer between them.

“No! Not that! Don’t feed me to that thing!!!” Heffer begged, “WAIT!!! AAGGHH!!!”

The jaws of the large sausage monster opened and Heffer landed solidly on the lower jaw. Unfortunately a large bolt fell from the jaw joint of the massive thing. Now Filburt was exposed to the crowd of sausage worshipers.

“Oh boy...” Filburt groaned.

“Fakes! Persecute the unbelievers!” The anthromorphic tick bird shouted.

Meanwhile Rocko wondered if Heffer was still onboard, “Filburt, are they still buying it? Fiburt?”

Rocko began to climb through the sunroof of his car only to see the tick bird standing before him swinging a bludgeon. WHAM!

That was the last sound Rocko heard before everything went dark.


Meanwhile Doc took advantage of the chaos to slip inside the compound. He could hear Marty screaming down the hall in the dungeon and tapped the communication device that the Starfleet people had given him.

“I’ve located Marty. He’s at these coordinates...beam us to the Delorean.” Doc said.

He felt that strange shimmering sensation as he and Marty were beamed away to the vehicle garage where the Delorean was stored.

As soon as he and Marty re-materialized onto the DeLorean and he saw the condition Marty was in he said, “Damn we need to get you to a hospital!”

Brown started the DeLorean and then sped away before going into hover mode and flying away from the compound.

Doc Brown tapped the comm badge that Tom had given him, “We’re away.”

“Acknowledged, I’m beaming the other three out of the compound now!” Tom replied.

“We’ve got to get to a hospital. I’ve got a wounded man onboard.” Doc Brown replied.

“We have a wounded crewman here. Meet us at the rendezvous coordinates and I’ll beam the flux capacitor into the DeLorean.” Tom replied.

Doc glanced over at Marty who was moaning in pain, “Hang in there Marty...” Doc Brown said as he headed for the rendezvous coordinates over Rocko’s house.

Doc could see the Delta Flyer and the Jules Verne Train waiting in a hover over Rocko’s house.

“Doc, I’ve beamed the flux capacitor back into the DeLorean.” Tom said, “But our crewman needs medical attention. Do you know where the nearest hospital is.”

“I know of another hospital, on a world with a technology level roughly similar to yours.” Doc replied.

“That’s good, but how can we get there unless we...hang on!” Tom said, “I’ll lock a tractor beam to you and the Jules Verne Train. Your combined momentum should be able to pull us onto that other world.”

“Right. Let me know when you’ve locked on...” Doc said.

“Standby. Locked.” Tom replied, “Tell me when you’re ready to go.”

“Anytime you and Clara are.” Doc replied.

“Emmett, this is Clara, I’m ready.”

“So are we.” Tom replied.

The three vehicles sped through the sky and then vanished as they displaced into another world...


Rocko woke up with a mild headache as he saw the insides of his own house. Filburt and Heffer were waking up too. He looked out the window and saw the Delta Flyer, DeLorean, and Jules Verne Train speed through the heavens and then disappear.

“Thank you guys.” Rocko said.


To be continued. Up next Celes and Marty undergo treatment on another world as Armus attacks...
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