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Re: Lost 5x15: "Follow the Leader"

yeah, Jin and Sun have been more or less put on the backburner for tail end of this season. Sun's pretty much been a broken record, and Jin hasn't really been given any lines at all. But with that said, this was an excellent episode. Their finally off to see the wizard. Another long trek somewhere, just like in the season 3 finale, but with The Others this time. Also can somebody tell me the last time Richard actually saw Ben? Wasn't that in the season 3 finale? If that was the case, you'd think Richard would have asked: "Where the hell have you been?!?" I don't think Richard would have had any idea that Ben was banished from the island, actually I think Richard did show up towards the end of last year's finale right? I can't remember...All in all I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT UNTIL NEXT WEEK! on a side note, this might be spoilerish but
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