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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

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Saw it at the press screening, and all I can say is that I'm oh, so glad that I didn't have to pay for it.

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Suffice it to say that I was massively underwhelmed. Plot contrivances,
Which ones?

Yeah, so?

Yeah, so unlike TMP or the other films

Or from Superman...

Yeah, lets hear them.

Or was it his alcoholism... we'll never know.

Perhaps the Kelvin had colonists for that planet Kirk grew up on on board... But, nah... far too rooted in the 'canon' as an explanation for your arguement to work, isn't it?

Yes, when they recived transmissions from the Narada. You remember? In the times before and during the TOS-time they had difficulties communicating with the Romulans.

Because the high-energy beam from the Narada disrupted those signals.

And they sounded like the hand-held weapons from Galaxy Quest (they really did).
So what?
They looked cool and did their job.

You have quite the obsession with Star Wars, haven't you?

Okay. Now it's bad they reference the 'canon'?

Did you notice that Starfleet Command ordered all cadets to crew the orbiting ships?
Obviously Kirk was promoted to captain the Enterprise because of Admiral Pike's recommendations and the simple fact that he and his decisions saved the Earth.

Spock was dragged into the black hole and was immediately captured by Nero after he emereged from it in the past.
And what would you have him do?
  • Travel back with another ship to destroy the Narada? Well, she took care of that Klingon armada and the small Starfleet battle group real quick.
  • Tell everyone about Nero to save the timeline? But damn... he would contaminate the timeline in so doing.

There is nothing Spock could have done to prevent the destruction of the Kelvin that wouldn't have changed the timeline.

Because it wouldn't work.


Your opinion.

Yeah... no...
Remember how they remote-controlled a brain-amputated Spock in that one episode?

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It didn't help that the "Riverside shipyards" were clearly a present day industrial facility, either an oil refinery or electrical substation. Engineering looking alternately like a water treatment plant and, like it is in real life, a brewery, only adds insult to injury.
It never really made any sense that in Trek all the machinery on the engineering decks was hidden behind walls and bulkheads.

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The choice of "Crap on a stick" isn't available, so I voted "Poor".
Big surprise here.
Honestly, I completely agree with ST One's arguement here. They were never going to make a perfect film that all Trek fans would love instantly, some of the quotes from April's original post, god you're whiney. Bitching about the most pointless things in the world. "Oh no the Vulcans have pink skin!!!" give me a break.

Be happy that there's Star Trek back on the big screen again.
Oh, I'm sorry! I thought this was -- Zombie Jesus? What are you doing here?!
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