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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Just got back from a session in Melbourne. Cinema was only half full but it was an early session (when I left I noticed that the later sessions were selling out).

I thoroughly enjoyed the film. I thought it was a shade under being excellent (very very good would appropriate but that isn't a grading option).

The opening sequence was great and really got me on the edge of my seat. Quite emotional too.

I'm glad not too much time was spent on the young versions of Kirk and Spock as I was keen to get to the main actors' roles.

Overall the plot was good although it did sag after the destruction of Vulcan and became too expositional. It picked up again towards the end.

For the most part the characterisations and the acting was great. I would have liked to have seen more of McCoy and Scotty and less of Chekhov. I am still undecided about the Spock/Uhuru romance

I think Pine got the confidence and swagger of Kirk down pat. Quinto's interpretation of Spock was pretty good too. Urban made McCoy very likeable. I love seeing Simon Pegg in anything but would have preferred him to be a little less comic relief and a little more miracle worker. Yelchin's Chekhov was too campy. Saldana lived up to Nichelle Nichols. John Cho was good but nothing great. I would liked to have seen more of Eric Bana. Greenwood was fantastic as Pike. Nimoy was ok - seeing him onscreen again was a joy but I think his performance would have been better if "Old Spock" didn't have to spend as much time as he did explaining the plot.

The lens flares didn't bother me, for the record

I am sure I have more to say but I am typing this on my iPhone and it is rather time consuming. Suffice to say, I recognize that there are negative aspects to the film, but I still had a great time watching it, I will go see it again, and that it has successfully "reinvigorated the franchise" (actually I saw it with 2 non-trek fans who both really enjoyed it - one of whom now now wants to see the previous films and series).

And I do hope they make a sequel so we can see a stand alone adventure in this new/reboot/alternative universe and get to spend time with these classic characters!
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