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Re: The Official STAR TREK Grading & Discussion Thread [SPOILERS]

Just a quick expulsion of near gibberish of some of my thoughts while my mind is digesting and recovering from the shock of the anal mind-rape of seeing this amazing film -

Great film. Full on blockbuster with great characters and intense action. Incredible effects.

The Kobayashi maru sequence was hilarious. Loved the way the ships go to warp. Pine, Quinto, Urban, Cho and Pegg were all excellent. The ship was amazing. The sense of real danger was well realised, and the space battles and phaser fights onboard the Narada were great.

I liked the way Admiral Pike's uniform echoed Admiral Kirk's from TMP. I hope he is around for the next one.

Chekov's accent was a little overdone. I'm not sure I'm entirely sold on them destroying Vulcan or killing off Amanda. And it was a shame it was all over so quickly.

Everything is set up well for the sequel. And there will be a sequel if the reaction from the sold out audience in attendence at the IMAX at Melbourne Museum are any indication. I arrived an hour early and there was already a que of 60 people or so. This quickly grew to around 300 or so, whatever the capacity of the cinema was. Oh and the session after mine was also sold out, and I beleive the later ones were too. The audience loved this film and were laughing out loud and gnashing their teeth and sighing when old Spock showed up and gave it a solid minute or so of applause at the end.

TOS will always have a special place in my heart, and that is in no danger of being outdone, but I do believe this is probably the best Star Trek film ever. That is all.
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