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Re: (UEFA) Football Thread - Football not Soccer

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You guys here wonder why English football has lost a lot of sympathy lately? Look at the way Chelsea "plays", look at how fucking boring intra-English games are in the EC and you have your answer.
Agreed with the first point, but not this one. The only boring intra-English games are the ones between Man United and Chelsea. Liverpool played Arsenal last year, great tie. Liverpool Vs Chelsea this year was a classic tie. Arsenal Vs Chelsea a few years ago was captivating. The annual Chelsea Vs Liverpool games are usually tight affairs but decent games.

Compare and contrast those with the ultra-dull all-Italian games.

Re Chelsea's sitting back; didn't they take Drogba off and replace him with Belletti? They should have kept two strikers on and pressed higher up the field. They created chances by virtue of Barcelona having to come forward. Fair play if they wanted to play that tactic, but if you're playing on the counter, your best bet is a target man, with Drogba being one of the best.

Barcelona only registered one shot on target but it doesn't matter, they scored from it. Chelsea did well defensively, on the whole, last night, and had they played the last 15 minutes how they'd played the first 75, would be now in the final.

The refereeing was poor, but was poor for both teams. Chelsea should have had a couple of penalties, and Barcelona should have still had 10 men on the pitch. Giving a game of that magnitude to someone who week-in, week-out, referees in the Norwegian league is a fcuking joke.
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