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Saw this on another board as a possible explanation for why Spock doesn't just time travel to fix things:
Well, he can't go back into the future at that point to fix things as he's already in the alternate timeline. And if he goes back in time to when Nero first shows up, how exactly is he going to stop him? Nothing in that time era is capable of destroying Nero's ship, and he has no access to the red matter in his own ship as Nero has it in his possession.
Makes sense to me - if the Narada can lay waste to anything from that time period, why would Spock try to go back in time to stop it when he has nothing that would help?

Did Spock have access to any of this "red matter" any of the three times he's been involved in a slingshot maneuver ("Tomorrow is Yesterday", "Assignment: Earth" and ST IV)?

Go back before Nero attacks the Kelvin and changes the timeline, then go forward to make sure that supernova is dealt with before it destroys Romulus. Presto, all problems solved, a grateful Romulus signs a peace treaty with the Federation, and Nero gets to make little bald Romulan babies with his hot Romulan wife.
But would traveling back before that point in time (Kelvin incident) guarantee that moving forward would move you into the right timeline to begin with? You might end up in a timeline that's very similar to where you were but isn't completely the same as the time travel back could still cause some alteration to the timeline unbeknown to the traveler.

And I brought up the red matter not because of time travel, but because it was what ended up destroying Nero's ship and was the only thing he could possibly use in that timeline to stop Nero if he could somehow get his ship back, otherwise he had no realistic options to do so. I thought the point I was trying to make there would be obvious to someone who has seen the movie.
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