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Re: Star Trek XI :Did anyone dislike this movie other than me? [Spoile

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Allright,after years of hype,my opinion is that this movie just fell flat.

In an effort to bring Star Trek to a new audience , Mr.Abrams used every modern day filming technique and special effect that he possibly could . Fast pans,shakey camera,fast cuts,out of focus shots,etc. detracted from some key scenes.

Spock is now a highly emotional person that is carrying on an open affair with Uhura , that in my opinion was made to appear slutty. Kirk is a bit over the top and is made to look like an obnoxious street tough from some era gone by . Even Scotty was made to look a bit ditzy and did not carry the same dignity as the original.

In an effort to bring Lenord Nimoy into the film ,the Star Trek backstory is forever alltered through the never ending Star Trek standby story line, "Time Travel".

The new Enterprise Bridge looks like my old friends mothers Jewish boyfriends bachelor pad on the top floor of the Gloucester Apartment Building in Downtown Boston circa. 1977.

It was so pathetic, when in an effort to somehow tie in the old Star Trek with the new, the catchphases,Spock :"Illogical", and McCoy:" Im a doctor not a " caused the audience to break out in spontaneous applause . One of the only still shots in the movie , Spock crouching down next to Kirk , phasers in hands , was obviously made to look like the 1967 promo shot , many are familiar with . I am not buying it.

The saving grace of the movie ? Doctor McCoy .Will everyone love it? Of course . The average movie going audience has been force fed a steady diet of sub par films and this one is no different . All the special effects in the world does not a good movie make.

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