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Re: Star Trek XI :Did anyone dislike this movie other than me? [Spoile

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Sulu's Lover - Notice I never "bashed" you or made fun of you. I was simply stating my preference for posts I will read and how I see that person.

Unfortunately, on a message board, we will not know the backstories of people who post and unfortunately we WILL judge people by how they come across through the written word. I understand and accept your anecdote but I would wager a good amount of money that most posts that come across as ill-thought out or poorly constructed/written are by lazy people under thirty who think "R U OK" is acceptable communication.

Part of my job is monitoring internet security and mobile phone services. I get enough of bullshit, uneducated "text speak" at work. I expect better from science fiction fans who are trying to communicate intelligent thought about more enlightened material.


I can assure you I am over 30 and have never used the abrieviation , "R U OK" .

That being said ,I have come to the realization that the people I come in contact with on a daily basis do not have an I.Q. of 140 . "Thats just the nature of the way things is" (Barfly 1987) I allways listen to what people say . Sometimes you find insight in a person that is the least likely to have any at all.

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