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I see.So you are saying that I am dumb?Let us not mince words.

No - you said that.

I am saying I find it difficult and jarring to read sentences that flow on from each other, sentences that begin immediately after a full stop(there should be two spaces)and posts that contain glaring spelling and grammatical errors(I am NOT saying I am king of grammar here but I DO expect a basic adherence to proper sentence/paragraph structure).

Anything less than this indicates

1) Laziness, thus further implying a lazy attitude to thinking, thus that person's opinion means less to me.


2) Lower intelligence/education, thus that person's opinion means less to me.

If your opinion of MY opinion of YOU means THAT much to ANYONE then they should take the requisite steps to either increase their educational standards or stop being lazy. Until that time, their opinion will be given the corresponding respect it deserves.

It is not MY problem that a poster wishes to be lazy in their writing style or level of education and is not taken seriously.


Let me relate a story to you that might make you think twice about what you say before you say it.

I am a drummer and belong to a forum , When I first joined , there was another member who joined arround the same time that I did . This gentleman would make posts with the worst spelling and grammer that you have ever seen . It appeared as though it was either one of three things . It was either a kid , some kind of drug addict ,or a complete joke.

Well , another thread was started about this guy , and everyone joined in on bashing him and making fun of him untill finally , this gentleman posted and explained that he dislexic. He further went on to explain that it literally took him 15 minutes , just to get a few sentances typed into his post.

As it turned out , this man is a fantastic drummer , as well as a talented artist and a fine human being.

We all can't be as elloquent as President Obama , and I for one have learned the hard way not to be judgemental and to think that I am above anyone.

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