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Re: Star Trek XI :Did anyone dislike this movie other than me? [Spoile

I see.So you are saying that I am dumb?Let us not mince words.

No - you said that.

I am saying I find it difficult and jarring to read sentences that flow on from each other, sentences that begin immediately after a full stop(there should be two spaces)and posts that contain glaring spelling and grammatical errors(I am NOT saying I am king of grammar here but I DO expect a basic adherence to proper sentence/paragraph structure).

Anything less than this indicates

1) Laziness, thus further implying a lazy attitude to thinking, thus that person's opinion means less to me.


2) Lower intelligence/education, thus that person's opinion means less to me.

If your opinion of MY opinion of YOU means THAT much to ANYONE then they should take the requisite steps to either increase their educational standards or stop being lazy. Until that time, their opinion will be given the corresponding respect it deserves.

It is not MY problem that a poster wishes to be lazy in their writing style or level of education and is not taken seriously.
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