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Re: Lost 5x15: "Follow the Leader"

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My only complaint is that I was hoping this episode would be more revelatory about Richard, since I was spoiled on the fact it was his episode... but it was more of an ensemble episode.
I think this is what started that rumor.

Kate's last minute appearance on the sub was absolutely hilarious. Sawyer and Juliet have this big touching moment where they're gonna live happily ever after... then Kate is literally shoved between them! Ah, the look of horror on Juliet's face! I love it.
I thought the same thing.

Also loved Hurley stuffing a sack full of Dharma tinned food before not-so-subtly slipping off into the jungle
Yeah, more comic relief from Hurley.

By the way, what was written on the box he put in his bag? It said "Vanilla Something..."
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