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Re: Lost 5x15: "Follow the Leader"


Damon and Carlton said "The Variable" was the best episode of the season in their opinion, but it's still "LaFleur" for me. This is a very close second.

Not only was it steeped in mythology, it concerned characters we've known and loved since the beginning making it all the more powerful. Something not true of "The Variable".

Some random thoughts:

- Eloise isn't thinking clearly. This is likely to fuck everyone's shit up. We saw Fionnula Flannigan being tortured last week. We thought it was because she shot Dan. I think that was only half of the the story.

- Jack and Locke have officially reversed roles, which is awesome. Locke's not operating on faith anymore. He has facts, however incomprehensible to us they may be. Jack's just winging it because of wishful thinking. Which is what Locke, who claimed to be devout, used to do.

- Sawyer and Juliet remain the strongest part of this season. I wanted to fucking slap Phil when he hit Juliet; and Sawyer had a similar and pretty spine tingling reaction to that.

- Dr. Chang got wise to Miles and Hurley. I would have liked a longer scene with them observing Chang at the dock to provide more full closure to "Some Like It Hoth" but it was good that they didn't forget it. Miles was suitably impressed with Dad's heroic gesture.

- Kill Jacob? Not fucking likely. But it'll be fun to see him try. We're likely to learn some cool shit in the attempt.

- My prediction for the finale? Jack's going to succeed. That would be a mindfuck. But where would you go from there?! Well, we were asking the same thing at the end of last season. Damon and Carlton are experts at painting themselves into corners in finales. And they almost always come roaring out of the gate with some wicked stuff the following year.

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